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Tie a bouquet - step by step to a masterpiece

Bouquets are often given as a small gesture on visits. Even tied bouquets are much more personal. You can find out how this works and which tools you need here. Be creative in designing flowers say more than a thousand words. On various occasions, beautifully bound bouquets are often given away.
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Fertilize pumpkin - this is how it's done

They are so-called heavy feeders and require a large amount of nutrients: if pumpkins are to thrive, you must fertilize them properly. Growing pumpkin on the compost heap Pumpkin has become a real trend. While in the past many people wrinkled their noses when pickled pumpkin or pumpkin soup was served, today more and more people lick their fingers for it.
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Recognize good garden online shops - 5 identifying features presented

Going to a shop and shopping - that's yesterday's snow! Today shopping is online. But how do you recognize good garden online shops? You can also buy plants online. Garden online shops are becoming increasingly popular. And that is not surprising either, because they attract customers with great offers in all seasons, have a wide range of products and they can convince more and more with excellent quality.
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Tips & Tricks

Pickle up pumpkin - 3 delicious recipes presented

Whether as soup, fries or puree: pumpkin simply tastes delicious in all variations. Have you ever inserted it? Here are 3 recipes for it. Spicy pickled pumpkin The pumpkin is one of the vegetables that have little taste of their own. To make it really tasty, you have to do something for the aroma.
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Garden Tips

Planting and caring for daisies - this is how it's done

Marguerites are among the classics among balcony and terrace plants. Here are our tips on how to plant and care for daisies. Marguerites are relatively easy to care for In many wildflower meadows, hikers encounter the white marguerite (the so-called meadow marguerite) in summer, which has since been brought up in various subspecies for native herbaceous beds.
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