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When the composting area becomes a point of contention

The compost heap is often considered an object of controversy. Whoever owns a garden often has his own composting site. This is not only allowed, it is also desirable. Because in this way you can turn substances that rot into useful soil. And it makes sense that everyone is very environmentally friendly.
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Japanese asparagus UDO - this is how we plant it

The hardy Japanese asparagus UDO is also ideal for cultivation in our latitudes. We explain how to do this here. UDO, the delicious Japanese asparagus The roots of the Japanese asparagus UDO are used especially in traditional Chinese medicine, sometimes even as a substitute for ginseng.
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Garden Tips

Creating a perennial border - tips for the design

If you want a garden that blooms all year round, you should create a herbaceous border. Here are a few design tips for it. Simply put on a single-colored perennial border Tip 1 - Single-color planted perennial beds A really elegant-looking garden trend that was created by large garden centers: monochrome-planted perennial beds.
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Tips & Tricks

Planting and maintaining a quince tree - this is how it's done

Quince trees are becoming increasingly popular in our gardens. If you also want to plant and maintain a quince tree, we have the most important information here. Quince trees need a sunny place The yellow-green fruit that thrives on the quince tree is somewhere between apple and pear and can be used well with jelly, mush, juice or in a wide variety of baked goods (e.g.
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